GPS Tracking Services

GPS Tracking System is a next generation web-based GPS-powered platform which provides an ideal solution to track and monitor the Sales/Service vehicles that carry employees, products and Services on the road.
Being an owner or a fleet manager of a transportation company, you must be aware that customer service and fleet efficiency result in the financial success of your service delivery and trucking business.
Locator finds a variety of reasons which may lead you needful of personal tracking devices. Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related, we provide a cost effective live GPS personal tracking solution for you.
A number of companies use motorcycles or scooters for their sales or delivery staff. Locator provides them with Motorcycle Tracking Devices to enhance their business. Using your tracker device which is connected to our web service, you can see on a map all the delivery staffs distributed at any given point of time.
Asset protection has long been the driving force behind any business. Locator's GPS based asset tracking device is an invaluable tool in understanding every aspect of your asset's current situation, giving you the ability to do something about it.
Locator provides a detailed real-time insight into school bus operations including the status of students carried by the Bus, accurate performance control, installation of additional safety features (CCTV) and reduction of operating costs.

how to work

step 1
As per you custom requirements - we will integrate the Hardware device, configure it and test with the Software to ensure its functionality before the deployment.
step 2
Our experienced technicians will install the System in the vehicles & activate it with the Software. Depends on the project, the SIM will be either DU or Etisalat.
step 3
Once the installation is over, our team shall provide a dedicated training on both the Hardware and Software used. We also will show how to take the reports etc.
step 4
We at Locator, shall provide highest levels of personalized customer services across 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please connect with us for any queries.