Locator MT400

Locator MT400 is the suitable vehicle tracker for Motor cycles, Boats etc. The main features of the product are.
The Hardware device is work with latest SiRF IV GPS and Quad Band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz
Waterproof (IP66)
Inbuilt GPS and GSM Antenna
Device is tracking by SMS / GPRS
Track on Mobile Phone
Internal 8MB Memory for Logging
Embedded with Inbuilt Battery to manage the external power failures.
GPS Antenna Cut Alarm
External Power Cut Alarm
Engine Cut (Engine immobilization)
Tow Alarm capability
Capable of tracking by Time Interval, On demand and by Distance interval.
Two-way Audio and Listen-in (Voice Monitoring) functionality
SOS Alarm to alert to the office.
Equipped with Geo-fence Alarm.
GPS Fake Zone Alarm
Prompt Low Battery Alarm, Speeding alarm.
Capable of plotting Mileage Report
Impact Alarm and Inbuilt Motion Sensor
GPS Blind Area Alarm
Inbuilt Tremble Sensor
Handset Phone/ LCD Display
Camera can be connected as per the requirements
RFID Reader functionality
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